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User registration

The DekkoSecure platform is invite-only, meaning users can only be added to the system if they are invited by an existing user. For clients that are new to DekkoSecure, an account manager will create your Tenancy and at least one Hub for you, and then invite your initial users.

These initial users are typically administrative staff who are assigned the Tenant admin role, meaning they can create Hubs. From here, Hub admins can invite users for onboarding.

Users can be onboarded in 3 ways:

  • Individual invite to a Hub
  • Mass Hub invite using a CSV file
  • Hub registration link

Refer to the Creating Hubs, sending invites and roles article for guidance on invites.

If you invite a new user to a Hub they will be sent a registration invite. If you send an invite to the same user for another Hub, the user will see added to both Hubs when they register.

Encryption and security management for new users


One of the primary features of the DekkoSecure platform is that the encryption key generation and management for all users is completely automated and totally transparent. Upon account creation, the application creates a private and public key for the user.

Users’ private keys are encrypted by their password, which is also done automatically. Critically, this means that administrators are not burdened with security activities such as managing keys, updating and distributing certificates, etc.


Refer to the Encryption article for more information.

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