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Sending Hub Invites

Users that are a Team Member user or are Hub admin in a Hub are able to send invites:

Individual invites

Notion image
Notion image

Refer to the guidance below on user types for more deeper information on Hub roles. Invites cannot be sent without choosing a user type.

Mass invites

Mass invites are useful for inviting batches of users to a Hub. This is done by adding the invitee list to a spreadsheet file (saved in CSV format) and uploading the file to the invite panel.

  1. Add invitee’s email addresses to a blank spreadsheet file in the first column:
    1. Notion image
  1. Save the file using the CSV format option:
    1. Notion image
  1. Open the invite panel and select the ‘Mass Invite’ tab, then upload the new CSV file:
    1. Notion image
  1. Choose the user type for the invitee list, then press [Send Invites]
For circumstances where a group of invitees should be Team member and another group should be External member, create two separate CSV list files.
Invitees who are not registered will automatically be send an invite via email when you add them to a Hub. Invites sent to an email ID that is associated with a current DekkoSecure account will be added to the Hub immediately.

Registration links

Registration links are for new new users only. Users that already have a DekkoSecure account will not be able to join your Hub using a registration link. For existing users, use the [Invite user] feature. described above.

Users that are a Team Member user in a Hub are able to access Hub invite links for blanket registration invites. This feature is useful for onboarding large numbers of users.

Registration links are accessed by pressing Contacts (1), select the Hub from the dropdown (2), and then choose the Registration tab (3):

Notion image

Registration links are disabled by default - make sure you untick the Disabled marker before using them. Refer to the guidance below on user types for more deeper information on Hub roles.

Invite example

Below is an example message that an unregistered invitee will receive when you invite them:

Notion image
If your DekkoSecure administrator has added an invite message appendix via a tenancy policy, the message will appear at the bottom of your invite.
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