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FAQ for admins

How is the service accessed?

DekkoSecure is a web-based application that can generally be accessed anywhere, on any device. There is no ‘desktop’ or installable version of the application.

To enable geo-fencing or other access controls, you must establish SSO via integration so that your IDAM policies can be set against the service. You can learn more about this from our SSO guide or by contacting your account manager.

If your organisation has strict filtering policies in place, please make sure our whitelisting guidelines are followed for ensured access.

Where do users log in?

The DekkoSecure platform is accessed via 4 different URLs depending on which system region your organisation has selected:


What 2FA method is supported?

Dekko uses TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password) as the 2FA method on accounts that authenticate via the built-in profile system. This means that authentication apps such as Microsoft Authenticator, Okta Verify, Authy and Google Authenticator are supported.

Organisations that authenticate using Azure AD SSO will follow the conditional access control set by the customer in the AAD administration tools.


How do I reset a user’s password?

Password reset is only available for non-SSO users. You must be set as a trusted user via the Tenancy Manager policy to be able to change a user’s password, and the user must log in at least once for you to be able to perform a reset.

Open the Users tab in the Tenancy Manager to reset passwords (learn more).


How do I reset a user’s 2FA?

Open the Users tab in the Tenancy Manager to reset 2FA (learn more).

For Tenancies where 2FA is enforced, the user will be prompted to re-enable 2FA the next time they log in.


I can’t see user’s files

Content sharing on the DekkoSecure platform is explicit, meaning that files must be shared with you before you can access them; joining a Hub or being a Tenancy admin does not automatically grant access to all content.

If you are expecting to receive files you can ask your inviter or other users in the Hub(s) that you are a member of - you can check who is there by opening Contacts list either from the navigation panel on the left or the Chat pop up in the bottom right.


What happens if a user is removed from Azure AD?

Users who are deleted in AAD will lose access to the system and lose their content, because the key to their data is stored in the AAD custom attribute. If the user is offboarded but kept in AAD with access disabled, then content will remain.

The latter of these two scenarios is suitable in situations like sabbaticals, where a user’s access needs to be disabled and then reinstated later.

If a user in AAD is cloned and you attempt to log in using the new AAD account, you will not get access to the original user’s Dekko account.

How long are files stored in the system?

Files are stored until their owner or co-admin delete them, or until the termination of your organisation’s agreement with DekkoSecure.

Please contact your DekkoSecure account manager to discuss custom options for backup and archive.

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