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Web Application Whitelisting

The DekkoSecure web platform requires whitelisting in corporate network/device environments where strict firewall and filtering systems may be in operation. The whitelisting policies detailed below are required to allow the platform to be accessed and perform reliably.

Mandatory whitelisting policies

File sharing

  • Whitelist all subdomains of DekkoSecure (*

Video conferencing

  • Whitelist all subdomains of DekkoSecure (*
  • Open TCP 443 and 5349 (HTTPS) for *
  • Allow UDP 4445 and 10000-20000 (SRTP) for *

Mandatory browser policies

Browser policies apply to the instance that you use, for example, (Australian instance). Make sure you press allow when prompted for a site setting in your browser:

Notion image

File sharing

  • Allow pop-ups and redirects (required for Entra ID SSO)
  • Allow automatic downloads (required for downloading multiple files simultaneously)

Video conferencing

  • Allow camera access
  • Allow microphone access
  • Allow sound

If you have blocked a device prompt, you can update your browser’s site settings for Dekko by going to:

Edge: edge://settings/content/all (search for “”)



Notion image

Recommended email policies

Email notifications (i.e., files shared, document signed, video conference invite, etc.) are sent from Notifications contain links, which can be rejected by aggressive email filtering policies. Whitelisting this address will allow all notifications to be delivered.

Recommended browser policies


  • Allow OR OR
  • Allow [*.] OR [*.] OR [*.]

Optionally, it is recommended that cookie and data clearing settings are enabled in your browser:

Notion image


What is SRTP traffic used for?

SRTP is utilised for the DekkoSecure for Government and Law Enforcement video conferencing feature, which is built using the WebRTC ‘insertable streams’ API.


Why do is a wildcard address required?:

For service reliability, the DekkoSecure platform uses load balancers which comprise of multiple bridges, which change dynamically, so a single subdomain cannot be defined; therefore * is specified.


Can you provide a single/static IP address for whitelisting?

For infrastructure failover and DDoS protection, DekkoSecure platform’s IP is not static and changes over the time, so we cannot provide a single IP. The IP range for the platform is over 100k addresses.

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