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What’s new!? (older updates)

This page contains our update log for new features (✨), upgrades (⚡️) and platform status alerts (🏗️) that are older than 6 months. You can view new updates here.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us via your DekkoSecure account manager or drop us an email. You can also use this channel for requesting new features or providing feedback on what you see listed on this page.

14th September, 2023

  • New ✨: In-app playback for MP3 audio files Simply upload an MP3 file and you, or users your share with (don’t forget about view-only sharing) will be able to play the file without downloading it -
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      The playback window allows you to seek 15s at a time -

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6th April, 2023

  • New ✨: Tenancy policy for Hub creation restriction policy When specific users or domains are added, general ability for Hub creation for your Tenancy will be limited to whatever you add to the policy -
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      If you’re an admin, check out the Hub creation policy notes on the tenancy policies page.


28th March, 2023

  • New ✨: ‘Not shared’ and expiry tags We’ve introduced to new tags that will appear in the Status column. For files that are not yet shared -
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      For shared files with an expiry specified, hover your mouse over the tag -

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      We have complete documentation about Status column content the knowledge base article here.


14th September, 2022

  • New ✨: Office file editing This is a big one! today we’re launching the ability to edit office files (Word/DOCX, Excel/XLSX and Powerpoint/PPTX). Not only can you edit files in-app, but you can also do it at the same time as other users. To allow other users to edit your files, make sure you share with full permissions.
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26th March, 2022

  • New ✨: In-app image viewing Now when you upload an image file, you, or users your share with (don’t forget about view-only sharing) will be able to view the file without downloading it -
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      Format support is offered for PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG and WEBP.


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