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Browser Support

The DekkoSecure application officially supports Chromium-based web browsers (Google Chome, Microsoft Edge, Brave) and Safari. Features on alternative browsers such as Firefox are limited. Please also ensure that you are using the latest version of your browser - feature availability may also be limited if you are using a version greater than 3 previous to current.


You can check your browser and its version on the what is my browser site. You can also use the latest web browser version numbers page to check the latest version of all web browsers. Lastly, the update my browser page has useful instructions in case you are on an outdated browser installation.

Supported browser downloads links

Before you install a new browser, check whether it’s already on your computer!

Browser-specific feature limitations

When using Safari or Firefox, you might find further feature limitations or unexpected behaviours that are not listed below. For the best experience using the DekkoSecure application, please use a Chromium-based web browser.


  • Uploading folders
  • Video Conferencing


  • Downloading folders (zipping)
  • Video Conferencing
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