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Enable 2FA on a New Phone

Are you unable to log in to DekkoSecure because of a 2FA issue? Please contact your DekkoSecure admin or DekkoSecure support to request a 2FA reset.
  1. Log in to DekkoSecure and navigate to the 2FA section of your profile settings (1), then press ‘Regenerate Code” (2):
    1. Notion image
  1. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your new phone and add a new account. Ensure that ‘Other’ is selected as the account type:
    1. Notion image
  1. Place the QR code on the DekkoSecure interface within the viewer marked by the blue elements on the 2FA app; a code will be generated instantly. If you have more than one phone you can scan the QR code on that device at this time.
    1. Notion image
  1. Note the 6-digit code displayed in the Authenticator app and enter it in to the 2FA page on the DekkoSecure app, then press ‘Approve’.
    1. This code will be refreshed every 30 seconds. If the code changes before you enter it in to DekkoSecure, do not worry – you can enter the new one.


Your new 2FA token is now active on your new device!

The 2FA code on your previous device will no longer work as a token for logging in. DekkoSecure recommends removing 2FA accounts from old devices.
Do not delete your authenticator app after setting up 2FA! Every time you log in you will be asked for the code displayed in your authenticator.

2FA instructions for Okta Verify


For users establishing 2FA using the Okta Verify app:

1. Open the application and press the [+] button:

2. Choose “Other” for the account type

Notion image
Notion image

3. Choose “Scan a QR Code”:

4. Use the viewer to scan the QR code:

Notion image
Notion image

Your DekkoSecure account and a corresponding 6-digit code will be added to you accounts list. Enter the code in to the DekkoSecure interface to finalise 2FA set up. You will then be directed to you account.

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