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Uploading Files

Supported file types

The DekkoSecure application does not have file type or size limits. This means that the application will not prevent users from uploading files with obscure file types or large sizes.

The DekkoSecure web application typically uploads at a rate that is 80-90% of your network speed. You can test your network speed using tools like Google Speed Test or Ookla Speedtest.

Viewable file formats


The following formats are supported for in-app viewing, and can be displayed without downloading:


  • PDF
  • Word (DOCX)
  • Excel (XLSX)
  • PowerPoint (PPTX)


  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • GIF
  • WEBP


  • MP4


  • MP3
Viewable file formats can be shared view-only, and views/plays will be shown in the events column

The View or Play button will be available for supported formats:

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How to upload files

  1. Select a Hub and (optionally) the folder you need to upload file to, then press [Upload files] If you are trying to upload files to a folder and the [Upload files] button is unavailable, you will need to request upload permission from the folder owner
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  1. Select the file or files on your computer using the file explorer and then press [Open]
  1. Your file(s) will be encrypted by the application automatically and then uploaded to the DekkoSecure system, ready for sharing
  1. Check upload progress and completion by opening the progress window
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      Optionally, you can use the de-prioritisation button to schedule large uploads for later so that smaller files can upload first

If you have uploaded your files to the root of the Hub or to an folder that is shared, your files will be marked as (Not shared) in the status column. Select the file(s) and press [Share] to grant access to other users.
If you have uploaded your files to a shared folder, they will inherit the sharing configuration of the folder and be automatically accessible to users on the shared list. You can hover your mouse pointer over the (Shared) tag of the root folder to see who it is shared with.
File upload time increases proportionally with the number of files being uploaded, because a unique encryption key is automatically generated for each file. Encryption and upload of small files takes approximately 1 file per second for a reliable broadband internet connection.

For uploads of more than 200 files, DekkoSecure strongly recommends compressing your data in to a ZIP file before adding it to the system. Uploading, sharing and downloading hundreds of individual files can take a long time because each one is uniquely encrypted on your computer.

Note: ZIP files cannot be unzipped in the DekkoSecure app.
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