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Signature Requests (new method)

Signature requests can be established with multiple users on a single document
Note: the document formats supported for Signature requests are PDF and DOCX
  1. Select the file and press [Request Signature]
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  1. Type or paste the first email address or name of the user you are sharing with Users who are already a member of the Hub will auto-complete. Press [Enter] on your key board to add the user to the shared list.
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  1. (Optional) If you are adding more that one user to the request, continue entering names or email addresses
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  1. (Optional) If you add a user who is not a current member of the Hub, they will be marked with New to this Hub. If the user is already registered, they will be added to the Hub automatically. If they are not registered, they will be sent a registration invite automatically. A user type must be set for new Hub members:
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      If the request window does not allow you to add users who aren’t already in the Hub, this means your DekkoSecure administrator has disabled the feature. You must send the user an invite and wait for them to register before requesting a signature from them.

  1. (Optional) Set an expiry on the request. The request will become unavailable for recipient(s) when the expiry is met (the file will not be deleted).
  1. (Optional) Set a note on the request. Notes are displayed in the details panel for the file. It is not attached to the file or file metadata when it is downloaded from the platform.
  1. Press [Next]. The request builder will open
  1. To add a required approval element, select the user it belongs to (1), choose the element (2) and move it to the appropriate position on the page when it is added
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  1. Repeat the addition of approval elements until you have the desired approval setup. Colours are used to designate approval elements that correspond with the user(s) on the request. Approval elements can be added to more than one page.
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  1. Press [Send] to finalise the request. Requested signatories will be notifies via email. Your file will also be marked as (Awaiting) in the status column until the approval conditions are met.
You will be notified via email when your document has been signed.
Tip: After the approval conditions for you file have been met, you can place your mouse pointer over the (Signed) tag to see the time it was signed by each signatory.
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