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External Document Verification

If you have received a file that external to the DekkoSecure platform and the sender claims that it originated from the system, the validator can verify this.

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After a document is uploaded and approved in Dekko, a unique identity signature, known as a 'hash,' is securely stored. This hash cannot be used to access the document, as it does not represent the document's content; it consists solely of a series of numbers and letters (for example, 874n3b52063cd84897a65d1633f5m74f5)

When you upload a document with a matching hash, it indicates the presence or past existence of a document with similar content in the system. Positive matches will provide relevant details about the file, including its owner and, if applicable, any users who have signed it. You don't need to specify a hash; the checker automatically handles this for you.

If a document yields a negative result upon upload, it means that it has never been present in the Dekko platform or, if it was, it has been altered after being removed (downloaded). DekkoSecure cannot and does not access the file during the validation process.

The Document Validator is specific to each global DekkoSecure platform instance

How to validate a document


To validate a document, press [Upload file] or drag-and-drop the file on to the upload target. After satisfying the Captcha the validation result will be displayed.


Positive validations will be displayed with information about the file:

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Positive validations for files that are signed in the DekkoSecure platform will list approval information.

Negative validations will be displayed as follows:

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It is possible that a file with a negative validation did originate from the DekkoSecure platform, but it has since been modified which means the result is negative.
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