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Upload content to a shared folder

This article will show you how to upload content to a folder that you have shared or has been shared with you



Upload to a shared folder:

  1. Check who has access to the shared folder by placing your mouse of the 'shared' or 'shared with me' tag:

    Note: Displayed users will have access to any content you upload to the folder in question.

  2. Open the folder by clicking its name and then press one of the content creation buttons:

    In this example files will be uploaded.

    Note: if these buttons are greyed out it is because you have not been granted upload permission; you must user who shared the folder with you to request upload permission.

  3. Your file explorer will open, where you can navigate to the files you need to upload. Select the file(s) and then press 'Open'

    Note: you can select multiple files to upload simultaneously.

    Upload progress can be viewed in the upload manager:

  4. Uploaded files will appear in the folder and will be shared automatically:


You have uploaded files to a shared folder. Content uploaded by other users will appear here too, and they will receive an email notification when you upload content.