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Send an invite [PRO]

This article will show you how to add a user to your Hub.


To invite a user:

  1. Select the Hub you want to invite the individual to, and then press 'Invite users':

  2. The invite panel will open. Enter the email address of the individual to invite:

  3. Press enter or click on the blue section to confirm the individual as an invitee.

  4. (Optional) Set the visibility type of the user:

    Shielded users cannot see each other or invite new users. Shielded users can only see and share with General users.

    General users can see and share with everyone in this Hub, and invite new users.

  5. Press 'Send Invitation'.


If your invitee already has a DekkoPro account, they will be added to your Hub and you can start sharing with them.

If you invitee does not have a DekkoPro account, they will be send a registration invite and after then finish registration they will be added to your Hub. You will be notified by email when this happens. If you share any files with them after sending them an invite they will become available after registration.