Hosting a meeting

Hosting and joining Dekko meetings requires Google Chrome v83+ or Microsoft Edge v83+. Please check your browser is up to date and that participants have the required browser before attempting to video conference with them.

Scheduling a meeting

To schedule a meeting for longer than the 40 minute limit you will need to start a Dekko Pro trial.

You can join meetings hosted by other users for free.

To Schedule a meeting:

  1. Press ‘Create New Meeting’Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 2.22.49 pm

  2. Set a topic and time for your meeting:

  3. Set a meeting time and optionally, meeting notes
  4. Finally, add participants for the meeting
  5. Press save. An email alert will be sent to all participants

Email addresses entered that aren’t associated with a Dekko account will be sent an invite to register, and once accepted they can join the meeting.

When you are ready to start your meeting, press ‘Start’!

Editing a meeting

At any time you can select your meeting and make changes to the topic, time, notes and participants:

Press ‘Save’ to apply any changes.

You can view participant status in this menu too. If you are not making any changes to your meeting you can close the panel with the 'X' button in the top right.

Hosting a meeting

When you are ready to start your Dekko meeting press the ‘Start’ button:

You will be taken to the meeting automatically.

Participants won’t be able to join your meeting until you start it.

Adding participants mid-meeting

To add participants while a meeting is ongoing:

  1. Press the menu button:

  2. In the edit meeting panel add additional users, then press ‘Save’