Host a meeting

This article will show you how to host a secure video conference on Dekko


Dekko secure meeting are supported for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on laptop or desktop computers only.


Do not attempt to host a meeting using Firefox, Safari, Brave, etc.

Do not attempt to host a meeting using an iPhone, iPad or Android device.


On this page:

Schedule a meeting

  1. Open the Meeting window:

    Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 2.25.39 pm

  2. If prompted, make sure you press 'Allow' for camera and microphone permissions:

  3. Press 'Create new meeting', the scheduling panel will open:

  4. Optionally, give you meeting a topic, and then set the start time, time zone and duration. You can also add meeting notes which invitees can view before they join:

  5. Add participants by entering their email address in to the participant field. When they appear in blue, press enter on your keyboard or click their entry to add them to the participant list:

    Users who already have a Dekko account will be displayed with their name visible.

    Registered users will be displayed on top, and unregistered users will go in the lower list.
  6. (Optional) Choose whether you would like the conference to be transcribed:

    Dekko meetings uses a speech transcription mechanism to convert audio to text, exportable in a CSV spreadsheet format.

    Transcription uses Google Chrome speech recognition service, which is subject to Google Cloud Speech-to-Text terms and conditions. Despite the use of data anonymisation, users that would like to maintain perfect data privacy are advised not to use this feature.

  7. Send your conference:

    Send via 365 calendar: you will be asked to log in to your Microsoft365 account, and your conference invite will be sent from your personal calendar.

    Regular send: your conference invite will be sent via email to your invitees.


Your conference is set up and will appear in your schedule.

Host you meeting

  1. When you are ready, press 'Join':

    If you are starting your meeting more than 5 minutes early, a 'Start' button will be displayed.
  2. Set whether you would like to join with audio, video, or both, then press 'Join':

  3. Hover your mouse over the meeting interface to expose the features panel:

    1. Turns off video for all participants
    2. Turns off microphone for all participants
    3. Enables/disables your microphone
    4. Starts meeting recording - recording are saved in your files and can be shared later
    5. Shows screen sharing options
    6. Enables/disables your microphone
    7. Leave meeting - you can opt to let the meeting continue if required
    8. Enables/disables your camera
    9. Switch speaker/gallery view
    10. Shows meeting participants management - used for adding/removing users during a meeting
    11. Settings for camera, microphone and speaker - you may need to rejoin to apply changes

Set your hosting server

Dekko video conferences are able to leverage cloud infrastructure in specific locations globally for data sovereignty and performance optimisation. By default this Australia, but this can be changed to the following:

  • Europe (Netherlands)
  • United States
  • India

To set the infrastructure location of meetings you host, open your profile settings and adjust the location setting, then press save:

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 5.41.44 am


I can't hear other users

Make sure your speakers/headphones are not muted. You can change the output using the settings button in (k) of the in-meeting features.

If you can hear some users but not others, your personal meeting settings are already configured correctly. The user(s) that cannot be heard are responsible for ensuring their settings are correct.

Other users can't hear me

Make sure your microphone is not muted. You can check if you are muted (f) and change the input using the settings button (k) of the in-meeting features.

If you change your input device and still cannot be heard, rejoin the meeting.

Other users can't see me

You can check if your camera is on (h) and change the camera using the settings button (8) of the in-meeting features.

If you change your camera and still cannot be seen, rejoin the meeting.

I need to change my device permissions

You can change your browser's device permissions by clicking the lock icon next to the Dekko URL:

If you change any permissions you will be prompted to refresh your browser page.

Meeting connection:

If you or your invitees see this notice when joining a meeting it means the Dekko application is being prevented from connecting to our servers. This can happen if you are using a corporate VPN or you are using a network that blocks Dekko meeting traffic.

Comprehensive network whitelisting instructions for IT administrators can be found here.

You may need to contact your employer's IT administrator or your invitee's administrator to alleviate this issue - there is nothing Dekko can do to circumvent corporate blocking situations. If you cannot avoid using a problematic network, you can connect your computer to a mobile hotspot.


Screen sharing on Macs:

Before screen sharing on a Mac, make sure your browser has screen sharing permission.

  1. Open system preferences:

  2. Select 'Security & Privacy':

  3. Unlock your settings by pressing the lock in the bottom left corner. Ensure the 'Privacy' tab is selected, choose 'Screen Recording', and then tick the box next to the browser you are using for Dekko meetings.

    Note: you will need to relaunch your browser when prompted to apply this setting.

Tips for improved in-meeting performance:

  • Turn off your camera temporarily, or ask other participants to turn their camera off.
  • If you need to have your camera on, check that there is plenty of light present in your space, as well as in your participant’s space. Low lighting can create more network and processing load.
  • Check that you are not uploading or downloading large quantities of data in other applications.