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Create a shared folder for clients or co-workers [Health]

This article will show you how to set up a space for parties to share information with you on DekkoSecure for Health

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This guide is for users on DekkoSecure for Health (health.dekko.io)

Set up a shared folder:

  1. Select the appropriate Hub (or create one) and then press 'Create Folder':

    You can also upload a folder from your computer if you already have some files prepared!

  2. Name your folder and then press 'Save':

  3. Select your new folder and then press 'Share':

  4. Enter the email address of the first person you want to share with:

  5. Valid email addresses will appear as above. Press enter on your keyboard or click the blue area with your mouse. The address will be added to the recipient's list:

    Note: you can add more than one recipient if you have a Team or Team+ licence.

  6. (optional) For users new to the Hub you have uploaded the content to, you can adjust their visibility type

  7. (optional) Individual permissions can be set for each user:

    Note: if you need a recipient to upload content to your folder, make sure you grant 'Download + upload'. For users internal to your organisation, it may be useful to grant 'Full permissions'.

  8. (optional) Set an expiry date and notes to be shared with the content:

    your content will not be accessible to recipients once the expiry is reached. It will not be deleted.

  9. Press 'Share'. Your content will be sent to all listed recipients, who are notified via email:

    Note: unregistered users will be sent a special notification with a link to create a Dekko account. Once their account has been created they will be able to access your shared content.


When recipients log in they will see your shared content (ie a folder) in the Hub it was uploaded to. If you have granted upload permission they will be able to share content back with you by uploading it in this space. You will be notified by email when this happens.